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The Diclonius are a species of evolved humans with two horns and vectors,
transparent arms that have the power to manipulate and cut objects
within their reach. The arms vibrate with such a high frequency, that
they can cut through almost anything, and they are strong enough to
lift heavy stones or lesser boats; depending on the strength of the
individual Diclonius. Diclonius are being held in a special
experimental facility off the coast of Kamakura in Kanagawa, south of the city of Yokohama , by the chief executive of the experimental facility. A teenage girl named by the staff as "Lucy,"
escapes, using her vectors to deflect gunfire and effortlessly kill
security guards. As she makes her way out of the facility, a sniper
shoots her, breaking her metal helmet and causing her to fall into the
sea. The next morning, Kohta is moving to Kamakura to study in a
university where he is reunited with his cousin Yuka. He encounters
Lucy on a beach in the area, naked with her head bleeding from the
bullet wound and only capable of saying the word "Nyu." Kohta and Yuka
decide to take her with them, naming her "Nyu" as a result.
A Diclonius named Nana and a Special Assault Teamtask force, led by the violent soldier Bando, are sent to hunt down
Lucy. However, Lucy and her cold characteristics have not yet faded
away; whenever she hits her head or is confronted with violence, she
reverts to her sadistic side and makes transitions between her two
personalities throughout the series, the first of which is seen against
Bando, who has his eyes poked out, and Nana, who has all her limbs
ripped off by Lucy's vectors. Eventually, Kurama decides to repair the
bodies of Bando and Nana and send Nana back to Kamakura, contrary to
his orders to put her down. Nana and Mayu, a 14-year-old runaway youthwho witnessed the confrontation between Nana and Lucy, as well as
the result of Bando's encounter with Lucy, both end up living in
Kohta's household.
Several developments in the story are made and explained in the
latter end of the series regarding the pasts of the characters and the
links between them. Mayu is revealed to have been molested by her
stepfather, and Kurama is also revealed to be a carrier of Diclonius
DNA. Professor Kakuzawa, Kurama's colleague and the son of his boss, is
revealed to be a Diclonius just seconds before his head gets torn off
by Lucy. Kurama's wife died as a result of complications after giving
birth, and Kurama was almost forced to kill his newborn Diclonius
daughter; however Kakuzawa's father, the head of the facility, agreed
to let her live on the condition that explosives be planted inside her
to be detonated if she escaped the facility and caused destruction in
the human world. Lucy's past, why she turned sadistic, and her
connections with Kohta are also revealed.
Toward the end of the series, Kurama is forced to unleash Mariko,
his Diclonius daughter and disputedly the most powerful Diclonius, to
kill Lucy and return the species into hiding forever. Lucy, Nana and
Kohta encounter Mariko, accompanied by the staff at the facility, on a
bridge, where Mariko almost kills them. As Lucy kills the search team
accompanying Mariko in retrieving her, including the majority of the
remaining staff at the facility, Kurama is cornered with the last three
Diclonius left. He chooses instead to spend a final father-daughter
moment and die with Mariko as the explosives in her detonate. Nana
returns to the household with Kohta, Yuka and Mayu, and Lucy sees Kohta
on the same set of steps as where they had their final conversation
eight years earlier, telling him her true feelings, her remorse, and
how she is in love with Kohta. Lucy leaves to face the remaining
assault team deployed by the facility; her ultimate fate is unknown.

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